Africa Renewal

The report focuses on women’s empowerment, celebrating the strides African women have made in achieving gender equality while placing a spotlight on the challenges that still exist.

The issue also delves into the harmful effects of skin bleaching, preparing Africa youth for employment as well as the future of regional integration.



Emerging Solutions for Gender Equality 2018

The HeForShe Champions initiative confronts the gender inequalities faced in three key pillars of society: government, work and academia.

This Report updates their progress over the past year, with hard data on gender representation and highlights of key achievements. This Report is packed with ideas turned into reality.    https://www.heforshe.org/sites/default/files/2018-10/HeForShe%20Emerging%20Solutions%20Report%202018%20-%20Full%20Report.pdf 


State of Commodity Dependence 2019   

This report contains statistical profiles for 189 countries comprising 30 indicators aimed at describing the extent of each country’s export and import commodity dependence, as well as key structural and socioeconomic variables that are related to the commodity dependence phenomenon, such as growth of gross domestic product (GDP) and per capita GDP levels. 



Women in Business and Management: The business case for change

This report offers new insights into how gender diversity at the top improves organizational performance. Which include how the many dimensions of an organization’s policies, a gender-balanced workforce and a gender-inclusive culture, among other factors, move the needle for more women to hold decision-making power.



Working conditions in a global Perspective 

Good working conditions contribute to the well-being of workers and the success of enterprises. But unbundling the everyday reality of women and men at work is not a simple task. This is particularly true in in our changing world of work, where new technologies and new forms of work organization are continuously being integrated into our workplaces.



Global Study on Smuggling of Migrants

The first UNODC Global Study on Smuggling of Migrants shows that migrant smuggling routes affect every part of the world. Smugglers also expose migrants to a range of risks; violence, theft, exploitation, sexual violence, kidnapping and even death along many routes.