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Preserve our natural heritage – UN Secretary General

National Information Officer, UNIC Lagos, Mr OLUSEYI Soremekun plants a tree to commemorate the 2016 World Environment Day

National Information Officer, UNIC Lagos, Mr Oluseyi Soremekun plants a tree to commemorate the 2016 World Environment Day

The United Nations (UN) Secretary General, Mr Ban Ki-moon has urged everyone to overcome indifference, combat greed and act to preserve our natural heritage for the benefit of this and future generations.

In a message delivered by the National Information officer, United Nations Information Centre (UNIC) Lagos, Mr Oluseyi Soremekun, at the event marking the Word Environment Day, organised by the Nigerian Environmental Society (NES) in collaboration with the UNIC and Lagos State Parks and Gardens (LASPARK), with the theme “Go Wild for Life” on Friday, 3rd of June 2016, the Secretary General noted that ‘this year’s observance of World Environment Day shines a much-needed spotlight on the trade in wildlife and there is now a grave cause for alarm. The businesses and individuals involved are motivated solely by short- term gain at the expense of long- term benefit to communities and habitats.’

Mr Ban added that the campaign “Wild for Life” asks everyone to pledge to end illegal trade in wildlife, from ordinary citizens, who can ensure they do not buy prohibited products, to governments, who can pursue change through implementing effective policies to protect species and ecosystems.

The Guest Speaker, Dr Mayowa Fasona of the Department of Geography, University of Lagos (UNILAG) stated that the first law of ecology is  ”Everything is connected to everything”. As he spoke on the ecosystem and conservation of plants and animals, he gave in-depth details and statistics on the conservation of wild life focusing on how to keep wildlife from extinction and also protecting the ones almost extinct.

The Chairman of NES, Dr Eugene Itua, in his remarks noted that “Saving wildlife and wilderness is the sole responsibility of all people”.

Dr Iyabo Phillips who was the representative of the Lagos State Commissioner of the Environment thanked the participants for attending the programme and stated that “Children are the change agents and the future generation, if the wildlife is not conserved, the future of the children will be bleak”.

She encouraged the students at the programme not to kill insects or wildlife but rather protect them. Dr Iyabo explained that wildlife involved both plants and animals because they needed to co-exist.

To conclude the event, UNIC Lagos representative, Mr Soremekun planted a tree at the Ndubuisi Kanu Park, Alausa, Ikeja, the venue of the programme. The second tree was planted by Dr Iyabo Phillips. Over 100 people attended the programme.

Consume goods that use less energy, water, and waste less food – Ban Ki-moon


Mrs Adeola Adedeji (UNIC Lagos) addresses the audience


UNIC and partners lead cleaning exercise at Iddo Market, Lagos


A group picture


A sensitisation session in the market

A call has gone to all Nigerians and other peoples of the world to shift their consumption patterns towards goods that use less energy, water and other resources, and by wasting less food.  “In this year of transformation, when we hope to see great advances on sustainable development and climate change, let us think about the environmental consequences of the choices we make,” the United Nations Secretary General, Ban Ki-moon, has said in his message on the occasion of the 2015 World Environment Day.

Delivering the message of the UN Secretary General, Ban Ki-moon on the occasion of the observance, at a symposium held at the Lagos State Waste Management Agency (LAWMA) office, the Director of UNIC Lagos, Mr Ronald Kayanja represented by Ms Adeola Adedeji, further called on people to ‘let us celebrate World Environment Day by becoming more conscious of our ecological impact,’ and hoped to see great advances on sustainable development and climate change.

Awareness  walk, 'Green Walk'

Awareness walk, ‘Green Walk’

Activities for this year’s event, organized by the United Nations Information Centre (UNIC) Lagos, the Nigerian Environmental Society (NES) and the Lagos State Waste Management Agency (LAWMA), also included the cleaning of Iddo market in Lagos and an awareness road walk.

The cleaning exercise, which involved the traders in the market, was meant to strengthen the culture of maintaining a clean environment, especially in the various markets where the rate of wastes generation is high.

Sensitising the traders, the representative of LAWMA, Mrs Abimbola Jijoho-Ogun, stressed the health benefits of a clean environment and the importance of tree planting as no tree was sighted in the market. She added that the traders should eschew the habits of disposing wastes into the drainage as this could block the channels and lead to flooding with possible loss of lives and property.

In his keynote address, Mr. Olayiwole Onasanya, who spoke on sustainable consumption and production, emphasised the minimal usage of resources, the purpose and benefits of re-usage, recycling and reduction of material in use.

The Chairman of the Nigerian Environmental Society (NES), Lagos State Chapter, Dr Eugene Itua, in his remarks urged everyone to contribute to ensuring cleaner air and a greener environment in Nigeria.

The awareness walk tagged, ‘The Green Walk’ and held earlier today, was organised by the International Living Africa in collaboration with the All Nigeria United Nations Students’ Association (ANUNSA) and UNIC Lagos.

World Environment Day 2013

United Nations Information Centre Lagos in collaboration with an NGO – The Nigerian Environmental Society (NES) Lagos Chapter, marked World Environmental Day 2013 on Friday 07 June at a market in Mushin Local Government area of Lagos called ‘Daleko’.

The event which was based on the theme for this year’s celebration: “Think Eat. Save. Reduce your Foodprint” was attended by over 250 participants including the market women and men of the market, Mushin Local Government Officials, Environment Staff of the Local Government (LAWMA), NGOs and Media organizations.

The Local Government Environment Officials, who had been contacted earlier about the programme, had mobilized the market women and men so they could participate in the programme. The market women and men leaders were already seated waiting for our arrival at the venue. They were all uniformly dressed.
Scene at 'Daleko' Market at the event
As speeches were being delivered in the English language, they were also being translated to the local language –‘ Yoruba’ for the benefit of the non-literate amongst the market women and men.

Participants were welcomed to the event by the Vice Chairman of Mushin Local Government who laid emphasis on food conservation and sustainability in his address. He said ‘This event is a clarion call for all Nigerians to address the challenge of food waste. Rather than eat beyond what is needed for healthy growth, the excess should be given to those who do not have to eat so that they would not wake up and go to bed with empty stomach.’

Thereafter the UN Secretary- General’s message was read by UNIC’s Officer-in-charge, Mrs. Olajumoke Araba.

The Nigerian Environmental Society (NES) Vice-Chairman – Mr. Eugene Itua, delivered the keynote address laying emphasis on the theme of the event. He emphasised his concern over how many homes in Nigeria waste food. He said that the amount of waste generated through Rice was too much, saying that was why the Daleko Market (majorly rice merchants) was picked to celebrate the World Environment Day.

Dr. Adeniyi Sanyanolu also from NES delivered the main paper for the event titled “Preservation and Risk of food waste”. As he was addressing majorly market women and men who are not all literate, he spoke mainly in the Yoruba language which was understood by majority of the participants. In his speech, he implored the market women and men to store raw food materials like grains properly especially during the rainy season. As raw food gets spoilt when soaked by flood waters to avoid waste and such items should not be sold to the public. He said “The environment is our common patrimony and as such, we all (irrespective of our vocation or calling) must jointly endeavour to preserve its sanctity for the generations yet unborn”. And also , good quality food taken in moderation guarantees good health. In addition, an environment messed up with garbage (remnant food inclusive) is a sure breeding ground for all manner of disease vector and pathogens” Members of the high table at the event. L-R is the Key Speaker Dr. Adeniyi Sanyaolu, UNIC Officer-in-Charge -Ms. Olajumoke Araba, Standing is the Vice-Chairman of Mushin Local Government Council - Mr. Emmanuel Bamigboye, LAWMA Chairperson and  NES Vice-Chairman - Mr. Eugene Itua

There were some goodwill messages from the Market men and Women. One of the Market women responded by appreciating UNIC and NES for bringing the programme to their market out of all the markets in Lagos. She said they understood very well the message of food loss and waste. This she said they would practise not only in the market but in their various homes as well.

Fliers titled “Some food waste facts “were shared to all participants and throughout the market to those who did not attend the event.

This event was aired on Radio 96.5FM same day, on Television stations like – Channels TV, Silverbird TV (STV) and Lagos TV (LTV). It was also published by the following newspapers – The Guardian, The Nation and ThisDay.