About Us

Established in 1967, as part of the branch offices of the United Nations Department of Global Communications, the United Nations Information Centre, Nigeria is one of the network of United Nations Information Centres inĀ 59 countries, helping to link the Headquarters of the United Nations with people around the world.
The Centre provides up-to-date public information and material on the aims and activities of the United Nations, through the distribution of public information, communication and education material for use in the media, schools and directly to members of the public. The Centre helps people everywhere in Nigeria to understand better what the United Nations is doing to make a difference in their lives
The Centre provides answers to the public on a range of general inquiries about the United Nations and organizes events to commemorate special observances of the Organization. Journalists, researchers, educators and non-governmental organizations also rely on UNIC Nigeria for the latest United Nations information materials in local languages.
UNIC Nigeria is in daily contact with local and national media organizations to broaden its outreach, apart from the regular production of press releases, media briefing on issues on the United Nations agenda. Staff of the Centre, especially the Director and National Information Officer, appear on national radio and television programmes to promote the UN and its activities. Nigerian and other Journalists rely on the Centre as an authoritative source of information about the United Nations.
The Centre also works in partnership with other United Nations field agencies, members of civil society and business groups, to stimulate and engage them actively on issues of concern to the United Nations. Non-governmental organizations in Nigeria count on UNIC as partners in organizing key events, including seminars, exhibits and commemoration focusing on such key issues as human rights, education, the environment, drug prevention and health care, especially HIV/AIDS.