Youth’s Potential is world’s potential – Guterres

The UN Secretary-General Anotnio Guterres has acknowledged that young people’s potential is the world’s potential. Therefore, “We must do more to enable young people to shape the decisions affecting their lives.” He said in his message to the University of Lagos Model United Nations (LAGMUN) conference organised by the university in collaboration with the UN Information Centre (UNIC) Lagos. Held 13 – 15 August 2018, at the University of Lagos, the conference was attended by 230 delegates from 11 universities across the nation.

In the message delivered by the Director of UNIC Lagos, Mr Ronald Kayanja, the Secretary General noted that the world needs less hatred, more dialogue and deeper international cooperation; and added that empowering the world’s young people is also an imperative.

Earlier, Mr Kayanja congratulated the organising team of the conference and acknowledged the importance of the conference theme: ‘Innovation and Collective Action Towards Achieving the SDGs’.

He explained that the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)“ are aimed at People, Planet, Prosperity, Peace and Partnership. Emphasising the need for reduced inequality, he said, “It is dangerous and counterproductive to have an island of prosperity in a sea of poverty. As a delegate to this Lagos Model United Nations (LAGMUN) conference, you are a global citizen and therefore should be concerned about what happens in other regions of the world.”

Speaking in the same vein, the keynote speaker, Prof Ademola Abass, in his paper titled, ‘Innovation and Collective Action Towards Achieving the SDGs’, advocated for collective action towards national development and urged the delegates to be involved in activities happening around them.

“Success of the SDGs rests with all of us. Do not expect others to change the situation or change the world, you have got to change it yourself.” He added.