Replace Fear with Kindness – UN Secretary General

United Nations Secretary-General António Guterres has encouraged the world to replace fear with kindness in a message on the 100 Days countdown to the International Day of Peace.
In preparation for the International Day of Peace which is observed every year on the 21st of September, he encouraged the world to embrace peace as he restated his appeal for peace which he made upon assuming duties as Secretary General in January 2017.
The Secretary General stated that “the International Day of Peace embodies our shared aspiration to end the needless suffering caused by armed conflict”. He identified the day as a moment for the peoples of the world to acknowledge the ties that bind them together, irrespective of their countries.
Mr Guterres explained that there is more to achieving peace than the laying down of arms. He said “True peace involves building bridges, combating discrimination and standing up for the human rights of all the world’s people”. He went on to explain the theme for this year’s International day of Peace. According to Mr Guterres, the theme, which “Together for Peace: Respect, Safety and Dignity for All” is focused in particular on the plight of refugees and migrants all over the world. He asserted that the obligation of the international community is to ensure that all the people forced to flee their homes receive the protection they are entitled to under international law. He said “Our duty as a human family is to replace fear with kindness”.
He urged the world to remember in the next hundred days that “millions of vulnerable members of society need our understanding and assistance.” He stated that we should all strategize together about what we can do to help them, and recognize the many ways in which they contribute to and strengthen their host countries.
Mr Guterres added the need to redouble efforts in addressing the root causes of conflict, advance work for the Sustainable Development Goals, and heighten emphasis on preventing violence in the first place.