UN, not a world government – Students told as UNIC extends outreach to Ogun State

outreach-abeokutaThe Senior Secondary School students of Sacred Heart Catholic College, Abeokuta have been informed that the United Nations (UN) is not a world government. The National Information Officer of the United Nations Information Centre (UNIC), Mr Oluseyi Soremekun had informed that the UN represents the countries and peoples of the world but it is not a world government.

Addressing a total of 459 students who participated in the educational outreach programme on Thursday 10 November 2016 at the school hall, he noted that the UN is a special organisation of independent countries, therefore would not interfere in internal affairs of member States. ‘However, where human rights are being denied or abused, the UN would respond.’ Mr Soremekun continued, ‘The UN was created to stop wars, build friendship among nations and help the less developed countries. The UN is a place where people from around the world can come and work together to make the world a better and safer place.’outreach-abeokuta-jpg1

The National Information Officer responded to questions related to the work of the UN in the North-East Nigeria; the UN response to the elections in the USA; and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Information, Education and Communication (IEC) materials on the SDGs, UDHR and the works of the UN were shared with the school for placement in the school library.