UNIC Lagos develops Holocaust Word Search Puzzle

scan0001The United Nations Information Centre (UNIC) Lagos has developed a ‘Word Search Puzzle’ on the film, ‘The Path to Nazi Genocide’ to aid the understanding of the film and reinforce the key lessons learnt from the briefing on the holocaust.

Developed by Ms Abiola Bashorun, an intern with UNIC Lagos, the Word Search Puzzle aims at ensuring a long-term memory retention of Holocaust key words by the students as well as making teaching and learning interactive and interesting. The puzzle features key words such as Holocaust, Genocide, Nazi, Jews, Fuhrer, Austria, Germany, Annihilation, Disabled and Adolf Hitler, among others.Crosswords Puzzle group work.jpg1

Engaging the students after the screening of the film, Ms Bashorun summarised the story of the Holocaust using the key words and asked each of the five schools present to nominate five representatives to work together and figure out the puzzles. All the schools got the puzzles 100% but they finished at different time.

Demonstrating their excitement and deep involvement in the exercise, many of the students indicated to answer questions posed to test their understanding of Holocaust programme.

Ms Bashorun, a Post-Graduate student of Psychology, University of Lagos, said she was pleased by the response and level of involvement of all the students. ‘They seemed to have huge interest in the Holocaust story,’ she added.