Emotions flow as UNIC Lagos screens Holocaust film and exhibits posters

holocaust - Director 1‘A picture is worth more than a thousand words’, goes a popular idiom. The import of this saying manifested on Wednesday 26 January 2016, when scores of students and a few adults went emotional after watching the Holocaust film, ‘The Path To Nazi Genocide’ and afterwards taken round the Holocaust Posters Exhibition.

This was during the Day-One of the 2016 observance of the International Day of commemoration in memory of the victims of the holocaust organised by the United Nations Information Centre (UNIC) Lagos and Education District III of the Lagos State Ministry of Education.

Attended by 140 participants comprising of 111 students from 5 different secondary schools; 12 NGOs representatives and 5 representatives of media organisations and 12 others, the film screening and Poster exhibition started with a briefing session. Speaking, the Tutor General and Permanent Secretary of Education District III represented by Mr Dele Obaba, a Director in the District, advised the students to stand-up in support of Human Dignity and stay away from political and social prejudice.

Delivering the message of the United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon, the Director of UNIC Lagos, Mr Ronald Kayanja noted that with this year’s theme, “the Holocaust and Human Dignity”, the UN links Holocaust remembrance with the founding principles of the United Nations, as expressed in the United Nations Charter and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.  ‘As we do, we are reminded of our shared obligation to assure everyone the right to live free from discrimination and with equal protection under the law,’ he added.

Contributing during the interactive session that succeeded the film screening, the Health Prefect of Ireti Senior Grammar School, Miss Dorathy Onaji, became emotional when she observed that ‘Adolf Hitler manipulated the whole country and spearheaded the killing of about 6 million Jews.

Curating the Poster Exhibition, the National Information Officer of UNIC Lagos, Mr Oluseyi Soremekun, explained the good life enjoyed by the Jews in the pre-war Europe; the persecution, the state-orchestrated discrimination, the final solution according to Nazi Germany; the end of the Holocaust and the birth of the UN as well as the efforts of the UN in ensuring that the events that led to the Holocaust never happens again anywhere in the world.