Protect your right to education – UNIC tells students

Scholars of Tender Years Preparatory School, Abuja, North-Central Nigeria, have been charged to protect and hold on tight to their right to education by studying hard and rewarding their parents’ efforts with excellent grades and good behaviours. ???????????????????????????????
The National Information Officer of the United National Information Centre (UNIC), Lagos, Oluseyi Soremekun gave this charge during an outreach activity which coincided with the school’s cultural day that required students to dress up in their cultural attires.
Speaking on ‘Human Rights’ during his presentation on the ‘United Nations for School Children’, Oluseyi explained that ‘every child has the right to a name and a nationality; Protection from violence; Education; and Freedom of thought. He harped on the right to education and the need for the students to protect that right by ensuring that they do not drop out of school due to poor grades or bad behaviours.???????????????????????????????
‘Education is the greatest legacy a parent can bequeath to a child’, he added, ‘Through dedication to studies and good conduct, you can become the President, the Secretary General or rise to any exalted position in the society.’???????????????????????????????
The students who displayed a modest awareness of their environment, asked questions concerning the UN peace keeping operations around the world as well as the efforts of UN in addressing the Boko Haram challenges in Nigeria.Disseminating information about the UN.jpg 1
UN publications were later presented to the Head of School, Mr Vincent Eyituoyo, for the school library.