“The UN Constitutional – A Newsletter on United Nations Constitutional Support”
The first issue launched in January 2014 and primarily illustrates the UN’s constitutional
assistance on the ground. It also offers an interview with the UN Deputy Special Representative
for Political Affairs in Afghanistan, Nicholas Haysom, and provides a digest of recent
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“Highlights of the Security Council Practice, 2013”
The 2013 Highlights offers a snapshot of the activities of a principal United Nations organ
during the course of the year, focusing on five core aspects of Council activities: meetings,
missions, agenda, decisions and subsidiary bodies.
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UNDP: Multidimensional Livelihoods Asessment in Conflict Areas in Yemen:
Integrated Summary Report [EN/AR]
The aim of the ‘Multi-dimensional Livelihoods Assessment in Conflict Affected Areas’
is to provide a comprehensive understanding of livelihoods opportunities and gaps in
vulnerable governorates in Yemen. The assessment provides, for the first time, a
holistic view of the livelihoods systems of people at household and community level. It
includes sources of vulnerability, their asset base, jobs, businesses, household structure,
coping and adaptive strategies, as well as how these change as result of shocks and
stresses resulting from conflict and disasters.
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United Nations 2013 World Youth Report
The report highlights some of the concerns, challenges and successes experienced by
young migrants based on their own lives and told in their own voices.
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UNFPA “ICPD Beyond 2014 Global Report”
The report is the first global review of progress, gaps, challenges and emerging issues in
relation to the landmark International Conference on Population and Development (ICPD),
held in Cairo in 1994. It gathers data from 176 countries alongside inputs from civil society
and comprehensive academic research. The findings provide compelling evidence strongly
reinforcing the ground-breaking focus of the Cairo Programme of Action, placing human
rights and individual dignity at the heart of development.
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UNESCO “Building Inclusive Knowledge Societies –
A review of UNESCO’s action in implementing the WSIS outcomes”
The report is on UNESCO’s action in achieving the WSIS goals as another significant
contribution to the WSIS+10 review process. It summarizes the main activities
undertaken in coordinating, facilitating and implementing the WSIS outcomes.
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OCHA “World Humanitarian Data and Trends 2013”
The report highlights major trends in the nature of humanitarian crises, the underlying
causes and drivers, and the actors that participate in crises prevention, response and
recovery. The rising scale of needs, a collective inability to resolve protracted crises,
and the interplay of new factors such as climate change, are making it harder for
Governments and aid workers to effectively respond to humanitarian challenges, the
United Nations today reported, stressing that development aid must contribute to
managing crisis risk.
UNESCO “United Nations World Youth Report 2013”
The report is an in-depth study of youth migration from the perspective of young
migrants themselves. It reflects the experiences, successes and challenges of young
women and men involved in or affected by migration all over the world. There are over
232 million migrants in the world today, and young people account for over 30% of
this figure. It also assesses the information available to help young migrants, and the
experiences of youth whose families have migrated without them, as well as encouraging
the involvement of young people in national policy-making in order to improve the lives of
young migrants and enhance their participation in their destination societies.
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ILO/UNDP/Save the Children: Workshop Report on Framing Priorities for
Non-Agriculture/ Non-Fisheries Livelihoods and Community Early Economic
Recovery for the Typhoon Haiyan Response. The objective of the hub workshops
was to identify non-agriculture/non-fisheries livelihoods and community early economic
recovery priorities for the Typhoon Haiyan response that could realistically be addressed
with the resources of the Cluster in the immediate (0-3 months) and short term (0-12 months).
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UNDP: Fostering Resilience in times of Change: 2012 towards 2014 – Progress Report
With the adoption of the Gulf Co-operation Council Implementation Mechanism for Yemen, in
November 2011, the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) in Yemen realigned its
resources and capacities to support the new transition priorities. Our main premise then was simple,
and it remains so today: without a successful and genuine transition, it will be very difficult to think
about lasting stability and development in Yemen.(104 pages)
“Humanitarian Action for Children 2014”
UNICEF appealed for almost US$2.2 billion to provide life-saving humanitarian
assistance in 2014 to 85 million people, including 59 million children, who face
conflict, natural disasters and other complex emergencies in 50 countries. The report