UNIC Lagos Officer-in-Charge removing cobwebs in the SOS Children's Village home
The United Nations Information Center Lagos in collaboration with United Nations of Youths Network Nigeria (UNOY), Global Alert for Defense of Youth and the less Privileged (GADYLP) and Selfworth Organization for Women Development (SOWD) organized an event to mark Nelson Mandela International Day 2013 and Nelson Mandela’s 95th birthday with the Theme “Inspire Change, Take action” on 18 July.
The event took place at SOS Children’s Village, Isolo in which about fifty participants from UNIC Lagos and the collaborating NGOs spent 67 minutes representing 67 years that Nelson Mandela devoted to humanity, cleaning the homes of the children in the ‘’village’’.
The programme started in the hall of SOS Children’s village where the pupils, teachers, parents, UNIC Lagos staff and the collaborating NGOs totaling about a hundred and fifty participated in the event. Amongst the special guest of honour were The Director of The SOS Children’s Village – Mr. B. A. Buraimoh; the Executive Chairman of Amuwo Odofin Local Government Area who was represented by his Chief of Staff – Hon. Sultan Facfoyi; The Chairman of UNOY and GADYLP – Prince Goodluck Obi and President of SOWD.
The theme of the day was introduced to the audience (with the pupils in mind) in an interactive manner by the President of UNOY and GADYLP – Prince Goodluck Obi and Ms. Nnena of SOWD. Prince Goodluck Obi gave a brief history of Nelson Mandela and what he stood for. The Special guests were given the opportunity to say a sentence describing Nelson Mandela.
The Secretary-General’s Message was then read to the audience by the Officer–in-Charge of the United Nations Information Centre – Ms. Olajumoke Araba.
The slide show of Nelson Mandela’s pictures was screened and also the film about Nelson Mandela – Invictus.
Whilst the film was being screened to the audience, about fifty participants comprising UNIC Lagos staff and the collaborating NGOs divided into four groups, went to clean and assist with the chores for 67 minutes in the homes of the SOS children. They swept and cleaned the floors, cleaned the windows washed the toilets, arranged clothes properly in the wardrobes, removed cobwebs and tidied the surroundings. The babies at home were also taken care of.
Quotes from some of the participants:
“I feel a new sense of purpose towards the clean-up campaign I have been assigned. I am motivated to do more than just 67 minutes; I want to create a cleanup campaign that I would be passionate about the children welfare”
“I loved to be part of any organization that create huge impact on mankind. I am ready to get back to my community so as to investigate how I can better serve children that are hopeless.”
The Director of the SOS Children’s Village was pleased about the action taken to inspire change.