Report on the event to mark 2013 International Day of Commemoration in memory of the victims of the Holocaust

Lagos – UNIC Lagos marked the International Day on Tuesday 29 January 2013 at the hall of a private secondary school – Fountain Heights Secondary School. The event which attracted a total of 172 participants included five senior secondary school students, the media and two NGOs.


The Officer-in-charge Ms. Olajumoke Araba reading the SG’s message. Seated from left is Mrs. Aliku an Education Consultant, next is the Principal of the host School Mrs. A. Delano and extreme right is the Moderator –Prince Goodluck Obi – CEO GADLYP.

The event started with a short address by the Officer-in-charge of the Centre – Ms. Olajumoke Araba declaring the Exhibition of the “Diplomats” being honoured in this years’ commemoration open to the public. The display of the “Rescuers” had been put up in the school lobby since Friday 25 January and will be on till Friday 01February.This was followed by a welcome address by the Principal of the host school – Mrs. Adebimpe Delano. The Officer-in-charge then read the message of the Secretary-General Mr. Ban Ki-moon.


Participants at the event

The film “The Rescuers” was then screened. As it was a long film, it was paused at a few intervals. During the intervals, the Moderator, Prince Goodluck Obi (Program Manager and Chief Executive Officer of the NGO – Global Alert for the Defence of Youth and the Less Privileged (GADYLP)) gave a short history about Adolf Hitler’s perverted ideology of Aryan perfection.

Next after the film screening, was the panel discussion by the Senior Secondary School students. A summary of the panel discussion goes thus:

  • All the students condemned in strong terms the action of Adolf Hitler and his Nazi Germany in extermination of approximately 6 million Jews and other people who did not conform to his (Adolf Hitler’s) perverted ideology of Aryan perfection during the Second World War of 1939 to 1945.
  • They appreciated the UN for setting up a day to celebrate the heroes and heroines by way of paying tribute to those who risked their lives and their families to save the Jews and others from almost certain death under Nazi Germany. The students called for a moment of silence as a tribute to millions that died during the Holocaust and the need to draw inspiration from those who had the courage to care—the ordinary people who took extra-ordinary steps to defend human dignity.
  • “If we emulate their examples we can help to build a better Nigeria, Africa and the World Today”. A student submitted.
  • They agreed that it is a good gesture any day and any time to help people in need regard less of tribe, sex, status, creed, religion, nationality and other socio-cultural affiliations.
  • They resolved to  disseminate the virtues of Courage, Social Responsibility, Integrity, Moral Leadership, Ingenuity, Cooperation, Self-Sacrifice and Compassion as exhibited by the Diplomats being honoured to their friends, family members who were not privileged to attend the event as an injury to one is an injury to all. The students also decided to spread this news through their membership of the various social networks including face book, YouTube etc.
  • They upheld the Golden Rule -”Do unto others as you would want them do to you” to encourage all and sundry to imbibe the virtues of these Diplomats being celebrated in this year’s commemoration.
  • Relating what they learnt to Nigerian context, the students condemned the BOKO HARAM insurgency in Nigeria. They opined that since Christians and Muslims were created by the same Almighty God. Therefore, the bloodshed and blood bath from Boko Haram has no basis, hence should stop forthwith.

The Holocaust bookmarks were given to the discussants at the end of the programme. Each student including their teachers went home with a set of the students’ handouts.

The event was aired by Channels Television in the news at 6.00, 7.00, 8.00 and 10.00pm same evening.