Lagos – UNIC Lagos Library Assistant was in two schools in the week of 22nd October to mark UN Day. She was at Ebenezery Heights International School, Lekki, Lagos on Monday 22 October for the UN4U outreach programme and Tade School in Apapa, Lagos to mark UN Day and also the UN4U outreach programme on Wednesday 24 October.


UNIC Library Assistant reading the Secretary-General’s message at Ebenezery Heights International School

At Ebenezery Heights International School, she spoke to an audience consisting of Junior Secondary School (JSS) pupils and Primary 5 and 6 pupils and some of their Teachers numbering 88. First of all, she read the Secretary-General’s message for UN Day.  She then gave the UN4U presentation. Two of the three videos were screened to the audience. They were “Out of Many, One” and “My World. My UN”.  ”I Was Here” by Beyonce could not be screened, in its place, “United Nations It’s your world” was screened. Overall, the pupils were quite excited and they got the message.


A cross section of the audience –pupils and Teachers at Ebenezery Heights International School

On UN Day, the Library Assistant was at Tade School (primary), Apapa where the school had drawn up a programme to mark UN Day. The Library Assistant read the Secretary-General’s message to the audience consisting of all the school pupils and their teachers numbering 140. Seated separately in a semi-circular fashion, are the ‘Heads of States’ of UN member nations, the ‘Secretary-General’ and ‘President’ of the General Assembly. There was a mock General Assembly session. Speeches were made by the ‘President’ of the General Assembly, the ‘Secretary-General’ and the ‘Presidents’ of the following countries – Nigeria, Ghana, USA,,UK, France and Republic of China.


Tade School audience at Mock General Assembly session

Also in the programme was a drama presentation and choreography by the pupils. The Nursery section sang nursery rhymes in French led by the ‘President’ of France. At the close of the Programme, the Library Assistant now spoke to the Primary 4 and 5 pupils of the school numbering 37 with about 5 of their teachers. She gave the UN4U presentation and screened the three videos that were screened at Ebenezery Heights International School.

Two other schools marked UN Day but there was no staff of UNIC to attend. The wo schools who collected materials at UNIC for the purpose, are Southfield Children Academy (a Primary and Secondary School) and Sunglee Schools (also a secondary and Primary School) Awoyaya, Lagos.

In Abuja, UN System also had a big ceremony to mark UN Day. All UN staff, dignitaries and the Diplomatic Corp were at the event.