UNIC Lagos commemorates Nelson Mandela International Day

Lagos – UNIC Lagos staff and interns (nine in all) serving at both UNIC Lagos and with an orphanage, spent 67 minutes of their time at a facility for persons with Down syndrome disability to honour Nelson Mandela on his Day.

The team was led by the Library Assistant to the facility whose Chief Executive Officer is Mrs. Rose Mordi. The facility comprised of a school and a hostel for the Down syndrome pupils.

The Library Assistant spoke to the audience consisting of the staff and pupils of the school about Nelson Mandela, and the reason why he was being celebrated. The Secretary-General’s message was read first followed by display of Nelson Mandela pictures. Then the film – Invictus was screened to the audience.

Whilst the film was being screened, UNIC staff and interns moved to the hostel to offer 67 minutes service. The beds of the pupils were made, furniture and equipment were dusted. Staff also helped out in the kitchen by cleaning the fish that would be prepared for lunch for the pupils and staff of the school.


Posters and post cards for Nelson Mandela Day were given to the school.