UN Publications

The United Nations produces a wide array of Publications like books, statistical databases, and other digital resources and Reports that cover topics on human rights, gender and environmental issues, economic and social development, climate change, population, refugee and migrant issues among others.

UNCTAD’s Technology and Innovation Report 2015

UNCTAD_TIR_2015 COUVAlthough developing countries as a whole accounted for 52 per cent of global exports of high technology products in 2014 – an 18 percentage point rise since 2000 – African countries are lagging behind, representing just 0.3 per cent of this total, the UNCTAD Technology and Innovation Report 2015[1] has found (see figure). The report, subtitledFostering Innovation Policies for Industrial Development, examines how Africa’s Governments can better implement science, technology and innovation policies, and coordinate them with industrial policies and industrial development plans.

The report found that, mainly because of difficulties in coordinating those two policy frameworks, even African countries that spend more on research and development as a proportion of gross domestic product (GDP) do not manage to export more high- and medium-technology products.

UNECA: Economic Report on Africa 2015

ECA 2015 report imageThis Report examines and provides analysis on the critical elements of effectively fostering industrialization and hence structural transformation based on an extensive review of experience with industrialised countries and Africa’s post-independence attempt at industrialization. Ten country case studies were also conducted to shed light on industrializing through trade. The findings from this exercise informed the policy recommendations contained in this Report.


AIDS by the numbers 2015

AIDS by numbersThe world has halted and reversed the spread of HIV. The epidemic has been forced into decline. New HIV infections and AIDS-related deaths have fallen dramatically since the peak of the epidemic. Now the response is going one step further—ending the AIDS epidemic by 2030.



Global Launch of 2015 Human Development Report

UNDP Human Development Report 2015For the very first time, The Human Development Report is available in a unique web version.The web version of the Human Development Report 2015: Work for Human Development contains interactive features that provide enhanced functionality and enable information sharing in our interconnected world.